We are offering all appointments as "Telephone Appointments only" . Your GP will advice you, if a face to face consultation is necessary






You will be aware that there is a rapidly evolving public health situation with Coronavirus in Australia. As your family GP, our job is to look after you as an individual and our community. It is important for everyone’s health and safety that anyone with fever, cough, sore throat or breathing difficulties who has been to overseas within the last 14 days is assessed by phone before coming to the clinic. Please let our reception know about your situation, and a nurse or doctor will call you back to make further arrangements for your care. 

 If you arrive in our clinic without declaring potential Coronavirus contact, public health regulations mean our Doctors and Nurses need to stay off work in isolation until your testing comes back clear. This can have a big impact upon us caring for your friends, relatives and community, so please let us know so we can use appropriate precautions.

Remember, if you need doctor advice due to potential contact with Coronavirus, please advise us prior to arriving in the clinic so we can help you avoid the need to come to the clinic or use appropriate precautions if necessary. Some people have been worried that their care will be refused if they tell us prior. Don't worry. You will still receive the care you need.


We will continue to update our advice as further information becomes available from public health authorities.

At Derrimut Medicals, We are committed to the quality of our service and devoted to the improvement of your health. We are proud of the status our practice has achieved and we will continue to deliver you a comprehensive service. 


Working in conjunction with other Allied Health Providers, we strive to find the right balance of treatment for you.