Derrimut Medicals will be transiting to MIXED BILLING PRACTICE from the 24 th of April 2023 aiming to provide an excellent level of service whilst also being affordable for all.


Payment is required on the day of consult by EFTPOS, credit card and cash only.  Rebates are available through Medicare online and will be transferred to your registered bank account with Medicare within 24-48 hours. Rebates also available through the Tyro system using EFTPOs to receive your refund. If you have not registered your bank account with Medicare, please do so online at www.Medicareaustralia.com.au


If you have not received your Medicare rebate into your registered bank account within 48 hours, please call Medicare on 132 011.

We will continue to bulk bill:

  • Pensioners
  • Health care cardholders
  • DVA cardholders
  • Children under 16 years old
  • Aboriginal and Torres Islanders
  • Covid Vaccination & Flu Vaccination

Please note bulk billing is only available with presentation of a valid card Medicare and concession card as mentioned above, we cannot bulk bill if your card has been expired.


General Consultations – Weekdays 8.00am-8.00pm and on Saturday from 8.00am-1.00pm

Consultation Type Full Fee Medicare rebate Gap
Standard Consultation ( 10 mins) $60.00 $41.20 $18.80
Extended Consultation  $100.00 $79.70 $20.30
 Prolong Consultation $140.00 $117.40 $22.60

After Hours consultations – Weekdays after 8.00pm, Saturday after 1.00pm, Sunday and Public Holidays (All day)

Consultation Type Full Fee Medicare rebate Gap
Standard Consultation $70.00 $53.65 $16.35
Extended Consultation $110.00 $92.00 $18.00
Prolong Consultation $160.00 $129.00 $31.00

Mental health Plans and treatment reviews

Consultation Type Full Fee Medicare rebate Gap
Standard mental Health Consult $100.00 $78.55 $21.45
Mental health plan preparation $115.00 $99.70 $15.30
Mental health plan preparation-Extended $160.00 $146.90 $13.10
Mental health plan review $100.00 $78.55 $21.45


Consultation Type Full Fee Medicare rebate Gap
Telehealth $60.00 $41.20 $18.80

Review, prescriptions, referrals and results appointment are charged at a discount rate for all patient

All patients are required to book an appointment with their GP for prescriptions, results, review and referrals. The doctors can issue repeat prescriptions and repeat referrals under exceptional circumstances; however, this service is not available for new prescriptions or referrals and fees apply.

Consultation Type Full Fee Medicare rebate Gap
Results -Standard Bulk Billing ( Same referring GP)    
Results -After Hours Bulk Billing ( Same referring GP)    
Repeat prescription $50.00 $41.20 $8.80


General practice management plan (GPMP) and team care arrangements will be bulk billed for patients with valid Medicare card

Dressing materials which are not covered by Medicare will be incur a fee- ask Reception for the details

Non-Attendance Fees -Patients who miss their appointment are charged a Non-Attendance fee $40 (GST.Inclusive) which is not claimable through Medicare. This must be paid in full before your next visit.


TAC and Workcover patients

we will direct bill to TAC or Workcover on the day of consultation provided;

TAC has accepted full liability; all excess payments have been met by you and provide us with your TAC Claim Number. 

Workcover insurance has accepted liability and provide us with your Workcover claim number


Overseas Students

Please speak to our friendly reception staff for fee policy.


We are committed to maintaining and improving the quality of healthcare we provide to protect the sustainability of this practice we feel we need to make this change to be able to attract new doctors to the clinic. On behalf of the practice, we want to thank you, for your ongoing support as we make this transition into the future.